Conscious Fashion Showcase with Deepa Dosaja at Fairmont The Norfolk

Fairmont The Norfolk, will play host to a week-long fashion showcase by Deepa Dosaja starting this Thursday, the 16 October, running to Thursday 24 October 2019.

The exhibition dubbed Sustainable Fashion will present exciting past and current African designs made with local fabrics and prints providing an ultimate experience for guests and fashion-lovers as they enjoy delectable cocktails at the hotel’s Cin Cin Lounge Bar.

The week-long showcase is part of Norfolk’s Art and Cocktails themed events that aim to provide a platform for different artists including photographers, sculptors, painters and photographers to showcase their works and content to the hotel’s guests.

Axel Hauser, General Manager, Fairmont The Norfolk commented: “Fashion is a great work of art and a symbol of heritage in itself. Culture and heritage is a fundamental part of the Norfolk and we always feel very proud to give a platform to our artistes to display their artworks and showcase their skills.”

Fairmont the Norfolk hosts Arts and Cocktails events meant to celebrate and inspire arts and heritage, encouraging and boosting creativity. The events provide guests with inimitable experiences as they indulge in a host of fantastic cocktails.

“We welcome our guests to indulge in an exceptional dining experience featuring local produce and authentic flavours in an oasis of tranquility coupled with a home away from home feel” concluded Axel.