Lion Recovery Fund, Wildlife Conservation Network and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Vision to Double Number of Lions in Africa

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The Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) is a collaborative granting initiative created by the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, with a bold vision to double the number of lions in Africa, bringing back the half we have lost. The LRF is managed by WCN and draws on a coalition of advisors with expertise in conservation and philanthropy to guide grant making and ensure that decisions are rooted in sound science and financial integrity.

During their visit, the group were part of a new exciting pilot of a tourism partnership between Lion Landscapes and El Karama Ecolodge.

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About Lion Landscapes:

A Lion Landscape is a landscape that supports a viable population of wild lions, or any other pinnacle carnivore species. To do this it must also support healthy wild prey populations, healthy habitat, and benefit local people. Our lion conservation and research work focusses on how local communities, their livestock and lions can co-exist in a lion landscape.