Keeping Safe and Secure over the Festive Season

Tony Sahni, the CEO of Securex Agencies (K) Ltd

“The festive season is back, and so are the potential security threats that come with it. Statistically, crime rates tend to soar at this time of the year. Are you putting adequate measures to ensure that you are safe throughout the season? Holiday times are a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends while having fun and eating good food.” Tony Sahni, the CEO of Securex Agencies (K) Ltd, a private security company in Kenya outlines tips on how to keep safe and secure amid the merry.

Keeping Your Home Safe 

Over Christmas time, if you’ve purchased gifts before or have received them at Christmas, it is important to keep your house and valuables safe.  Ensure that you keep your doors and windows locked to deter burglars. If possible, install alarms, CCTV, or security lights. It is also important to be careful about what you post on Social Media. For instance, posting that you are at a location away from your house or on holiday can easily inform potential burglars that your house is empty and unattended and therefore easier to break into.


You are more likely to be invited to more parties and social gatherings during the festive season than in any other season of the year. Be mindful of your drinks in public places and ensure that you do not leave them unattended. Ensure that you are sensible on the quantity of alcohol you take so that you do not make yourself vulnerable. When it comes to walking home after events; never walk home alone and always stay in well-lit safe areas. Additionally, try not to carry anything too valuable on you such as large amounts of money or expensive jewelry which are likely to make you a target.


In the run-up to the seasonal holidays, people often work longer hours as they strive to organize the festivities. Working for longer periods than usual leads to exhaustion. Never drive when tired. It is better to pull over in a safe area to rest or to have a nap before continuing, rather than driving in that state as it poses the risk of you falling asleep on the wheel. Such a risk may lead to an accident that may be devastating to not only you but also others. Accord to traffic reports 90% of road accidents reported are due to human error.

People tend to travel more at this time of year as the festive period presents an opportunity for them to catch up with both friends and family. When driving, remain calm at all times and don’t be impatient. Arriving slightly behind schedule is not closely as dangerous as over speeding. Always remember that it is better to get to your destination in one piece albeit late than to not make it all due to an accident! Additionally, avoid driving at night if possible as it is easier to avoid potholes and livestock during the day. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs! Rather than drive, hail a cab to aid your movement.

Lost/Abducted Children

It is easy for young children to get separated from parents and to get lost or abducted in busy malls because they tend to be crowded and there are lots of interesting items to distract both parents and children. Keep very small children close to you by either carrying them in a wrap or having them strapped into strollers. For older children, always ensure that you have a meeting place arranged in case they get separated from you. Ensure that your children know your name and a contact number in case messages need to be placed over a loudspeaker. Moreover, you can have this information written on a piece of paper or bracelet that your children carry with them.

If a child is lost in a mall, they can very swiftly be led away by abductors. In case you lose your child, immediately contact the mall security for assistance in searching for the child in person and via CCTV. Teach your children about ‘stranger danger’ so that they know not to go off with any strangers willingly no matter how convincing they seem but to instead run or shout and cause a scene to attract attention from others.

With these tips in mind I take this opportunity to wish you a safe and merry festive season!