Glovo’s Process and Procedure on Alcohol Delivery

Through the Glovo app, consumers can order whatever they want — including alcohol, tobacco, nicotine products and other age-restricted items — in compliance with local regulations and the terms and conditions of the platform We do not tolerate the distribution of age-restricted items to minors. Our terms and conditions indicate that when requesting items of this type consumers must confirm that they meet the minimum age as required by law. For age-restricted items, our couriers reserve the right to request that the consumer produce a valid form of identification (National ID, drivers licence or passport) upon delivery. If a courier has any reason to suspect that the consumer is under the legal age, and the consumer is unable to produce a valid form of identification (ID) upon request, then the courier reserves the right to refuse to complete the order at the point of delivery. At Glovo, we uphold the highest standards and processes when it comes to the sale of age-restricted items, as required by the law. In accordance with the law in Kenya, alcohol is not to be purchased through the Glovo app by persons under 18 years old.