Comeback Tips for Businesses for the “New Normal”- Nimit Shah- Director Event House

Nimit Shah- Director Event House Limited

Public gatherings, weddings, and corporate events experienced a shock when all came to a standstill because of Covid-19.
The world has not experienced such a silence in decades that has been caused by a virus. The pandemic shot all plans down regarding events but as social distancing measures and strict sanitization are being observed and restaurants are opening up, there is hope for the events business.
Crossover Kenya’s Harleen Jabbal had a chat with Nimit Shah– Director Event House Limited on his recommended five comeback tips for business as we get to a “new normal”.
1. Make change your friend:

A sustainable and resilient business must be able to accept and embrace any changes in the external environment. Start planning on how your business can thrive with the virus or any other obstacle that could arise in the future. We must be agile and ready to learn new skills whilst preserving the company’s reputation. This should be a good test of your resilience.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

2. Adjust your operations:

It will be important to revisit our health and safety measures in the workplace to protect everyone. Physical distancing, sanitising, wearing of masks, temperature checks, would need to be enforced. Moreover, flexible and remote working will be another crucial component to be arranged thus requiring trust and a digital infrastructure. Remember, we are still flattening the curve.

3. Re-invent your business:

Think of this as a new / renewed life line with the opportunity to reinvent and strategize your entire business. Perform a competitive analysis to see how your business weathered the storm vs others in the industry. Be bold, visualise the economic environment 10 – 15 years ahead.

4. Beginning of the information age:

Learn how to embrace technology and digitise – it is here to stay and the sooner you can use it to your advantage the better your chances of growth. Utilise technological platforms to increase brand awareness.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

5. Passion:

Whatever path you may choose to follow, please have a passion for what you do and you will succeed.

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