Comeback Tips for Businesses for the “New Normal” – Dip Patel- GM SWVL Kenya

Dip Patel, SWVL General Manager

Quiet roads, no traffic and empty streets. Never had we imagined such a situation especially with the growing on demand transport options. COVID-19 put a stop to our everyday activities and made us rethink of how to keep them going. After all, work and essential services must continue.
Crossover Kenya’s Harleen Jabbal had a chat with Dip Patel– General Manager SWVL Kenya on his recommended five comeback tips for business as we get to a “new normal”.
  1. Be flexible
    • With so many things in flux, everything people are going through and all the emotions we’re feeling, it seems like now more than ever is the time to exercise flexibility while the world adapts to whatever the new normal will be. Flexibility and openly giving people the room to adapt will save everyone from stress and anxiety.
  2. Ask for flexibility
    • Those who give flexibility will also need it themselves and will be best placed to ask for it too. There should be no shame in asking for the room we want to settle into the new normal
  3. Factor in social distancing
    • This is a cliche by now but also the most apparent new normal. The orientation and layouts of all shared spaces we use from public transportation to offices and restaurants simply have to change to facilitate the physical distance people must now maintain amongst themselves
  4. Take a breath
    • It’s become hard to breathe through the masks and the increased amount of time we’re spending indoors but great ventilation and perhaps a socially distanced walk with our loved ones every so often is important to keep our sanity while we take in the new ways we live
  5. Keep the ball rolling!
    • Ultimately, life and the economy are going to continue moving. We’re resilient beings, change has always been inevitable and since this sentence is already full of things you’ve heard severally, this too (really) shall pass.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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