Virtual Learning Changing the Future of Education

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

The idea of online learning has been somewhat bizarre in Kenya until the pandemic hit us and we were kind of scrambling for the lessons. Thankfully a few brave ones have been on the platform and have dared to challenge the norm and are staying strong. Engineers are the lifelines of building our infrastructure, whether it is the roads, houses, or heading into space, which is quickly becoming the “future normal”.

Here comes Gits Consulting. They have a range of sophisticated, user friendly and relevant courses for engineers in Kenya to learn online earn their PDUs from the Engineering Board of Kenya, all at the comfort of one click. The courses have been developed by Gurmeet Bambrah, PhD, Founder and CEO (GITS consulting Services and Global Innovations and Technical Solutions). Eng. Bambrah is also the force behind the development of the Engineers360® cloud platform for the new kind of engineer that our rapidly globalizing world is demanding. Engineers360® aims to enable all engineers to have a fair opportunity to learn, share, collaborate, create, innovate and contribute to the evolving world of technology and inclusive innovation. As the strategic thought leader on global engineering issues, Gurmeet is responsible for all product conceptualization, research, design, and development and branding decisions at GITS. From the Skills Gap course to Renewable Energy, this platform is offering comprehensive and interesting courses.

However the young ones do not need to worry since they have now much choice to catch up and enjoy interesting learning projects. An innovative platform is MwalimuPLUS, who uses a step-by-step process to help develop the competence and confidence of each learner in an engaging way. Who incidentally have experienced the tipping point because of the Covid-19. They had predicted as per the researchers, Michel Fullan and Maria Langworthy that there are three forces converging to open up extraordinary learning possibilities as per their book “A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning”. There they stated that the three forces are ‘effective pedagogies’; second ‘change management’; and third ‘technology’.

Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

MwalimuPLUS involves both parents and teachers to bring on the primary school students to learn from their interesting and amazing curriculum. Their experts include internal experts who are well versed with curriculum issues from practice up to policy level, in addition, we have external partners such as the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA), among others with whom they can call on. Their main focus is to elevate performance. According to them, the teacher wears two hats, “teacher and coach”. Both roles require them to motivate students – specifically to spark the passion by initiating, invigorating, instilling, and sustaining motivation.

Esoma-KE quickly learned in 2013 that there is need to go online and then in 2018 adopt new learning styles and content. They believe in providing and interactive online experience, instead of sharing standard PDF downloadable documents for reading. They are attracting teachers from across the three levels of learning (kids, primary, and secondary) to come up with the best for the learners. From time to time, they engage education psychologists to give them tips on how best to create an interactive system for the children.

This new virtual world of learning is an eye opener for parents too, who have been challenged to question the calculation of huge fees versus learning content. While the experience of being in a real classroom has its own charms, the idea of getting additional material and resources online has been positive.

Teachers and school administrators are being cornered into adopting the new technology and now move with the times. There is a huge playground open for innovation and progress; it is up to the right stakeholders to capitalize appropriately once and for all.