Inchcape Kenya Unveils The Most Capable Land Rover Ever Made

Inchcape Kenya Sales Team Lead Charles Oduor (L) and Inchcape Kenya Managing Director Hussein Ibrahim unveil the new Land Rover defender during the virtual launch in Kenya at Jaguar Land Rover Centre at Oracle Towers in Nairobi

 Inchcape Kenya on 7th August 2020 launched the  2020 Land Rover Defender in Kenya that completes the Land Rover Line-up that includes the luxurious Range Rover family and the versatile Discovery SUVs. The line-up price ranges from Kshs 11 Million to Kshs 21.6 Million based on the model.

Described as the most capable Land Rover ever made, the large SUV brings with it a world-class off road geometry to tackle the toughest terrains in Africa courtesy of its unique monocoque architecture that

has triple the torsional rigidity of a body-on-frame design. Whilst being lightweight, fuel-efficient and engaging to drive.

“The new model represents 70 years of innovation and improvement; honouring the vehicle’s history for rugged solidity while thoroughly remaining a Defender for the 21st century. It is a vehicle with exemplary design credential and engineering capabilities. Which is how, we continue to break new ground, defy conventions and encourage each other to go further. Land Rover truly enables you to make more of your world, to go above and beyond,” Hussein Mohamed, Managing Director Inchcape Kenya Limited.

While It is visually compelling, the new defender possesses a go anywhere do anything attitude and toughness at its very core. It comes with either as either a 90 or a 110-body design, both of which are world-class experts, off and of on-road. With up to six seats in the 90 and the option of a third row with 5 + 2 seats in 110.

There are six models – Defender, S, SE, HSE, First Edition or Defender X – and four Accessory Packs- Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban, each with a distinctive character to suit a user’s lifestyle and providing the ultimate personalisation features.

With a compact, upright look from an exterior look, the defenders interior bears testimony to the vehicle’s spirit of adventure. Structural elements are made of robust materials. Intuitive technologies – like those you’re more likely to find on a smartphone. This delivers a connection with the drivers and engages them without taking anything away from the vehicle’s ambience.

Commanding off and on-road, the new defender has an All-Wheel Drive ( AWD) system that intelligently combines with Electronic Traction Control (ETC) to deliver a sure-footed driving experience in even the most challenging situations.

Besides, it is as technologically advanced, as it is durable. It introduces a more intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen, requiring fewer inputs to perform frequently used tasks. Its always-on design guarantees almost instant responses. More to this, it takes Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology to a new level, with 14 individual modules capable of receiving remote updates hence no need to visit a Land Rover retailer.

The new Defender raises the bar for both off-road ruggedness and on-road comfort. It can negotiate city centres and suburbs as effortlessly as it can traverse the toughest mountain passes. Its carefully honed handling delivers both a rewarding drive and first-class long-haul comfort across all terrains.