‘Shatter the Stereotypes Empowerment Summit’ Set to Reignite Optimism Among Black Men

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Following the intense racial tensions of the past few months, Texas Life Coach Michael Taylor is gearing up to host a ‘Shatter the Stereotypes Empowerment Summit’ to reignite optimism in African-American men.

The online summit was a seven-part series on August 14th at 7pm CST. The event featured speakers, such as Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles, Dr. Tommy Curry, Dr. Steve Perry, Jon T. Walton, Bradley Rapier, and Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh who will deliver presentations on topics such as:

1. How to tap into the DNA of achievers for support in building an extraordinary life

2. How to navigate feelings of ‘Onlyness’ as the only person of color in professional and social settings

3. How International Men’s Day can help eradicate social issues like suicide, father-lessness, domestic violence, and addictions

4. Why Education is the key to success for black men

5. Why it is important to have black male educators … and so much more.

The gruesome killing of George Floyd could cause many black men to shrink back and feel hopeless. But now more than ever, there is a call for them to remain optimistic as the current momentum created by the recent uprising can create lasting changes for not just them, but the entire black community. Taylor is riding this momentum with this summit and wants to empower black men during this critical time in black history.

“Despite the current racial tensions in America I am extremely optimistic about the future for black men. It is my fervent belief that black men need hope, motivation and education, and that is the intention of this summit. The key to our success lies in our willingness to change our inner narrative about ourselves and to not accept negative stereotypes; therefore, Shatter the Stereotypes is the movement I’ve created to empower black men to live extraordinary lives,” says Taylor.

Shatter the Stereotypes Empowerment Summit is based on one of Taylor’s best-selling books, Shattering Black Male Stereotypes. The book offers an insightful look into the ten most destructive illusions about black men and delivers proven solutions and techniques they can use to overcome the stereotype mindset and live above the generic negative illusions about the black race. But it’s not just about a book. It’s an entire movement dedicated to empowering black men through online courses, webinars, seminars, podcasts and apparel.