Video Streaming Companies Raise $16 Billion YTD as Big Tech Companies Dominate

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that video streaming companies have raised about $15.93 billion. The funds were raised between January and September this year. The video streaming companies sector consists of Crunchbase-registered companies and startups in the video streaming space under the categories of Content and Publishing, Media and Entertainment, and Video.

Pandemic spurs more investment in video streaming companies 

The highest amount was raised in April this year at $6.08 billion, representing a growth of about 131.77% from March’s $2.62 billion. The lowest amount was raised in January at $18.57 million.

The research report highlights the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the funds raised. According to the report:

“From the data, the highest amount was raised amid the coronavirus pandemic global peak in March and April. During this period, most people turned to the streaming platforms to pass time while in lockdown. The scenario presented a big opportunity for investors to profit. However, as streaming companies gained more users during this period, investors must strive to ensure the record numbers are maintained after the pandemic.”

The research also overviewed the most active investors in video streaming companies between Q1 1997 to Q3 2020. There were a total of 330 investments with Google accounting for the highest share at 32.42%.

Google’s 107 investments are at least double compared to second-placed Castor Venture’s 47 investments. Other investments came from Facebook (26), Bilibili (24), and HearstCommunications (19).

Regarding deals made this year, Facebook’s $5.9 billion investment in Reliance Jio ranks the highest. Google also invested in Reliance Jio at $4.59 billion and ADT Security at $0.45  billion. Google’s parent company Alphabet also recorded notable investments in Waymo at $2.3 billion and Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners at $0.4 billion.