From The Meg to SeaMonster Cove, Crossover Kenya’s Harleen Jabbal chats with Steve Alten

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Bestselling author Steve Alten is back with a Megalodon-caliber entertainment concept that immerses visitors in an underwater world filled with prehistoric creatures. If we thought his book The MEG (which Warner Brothers turned into a blockbuster movie) was enough to keep us out of the ocean, just wait until you cage dive with some of the nastiest (and toothiest) creatures in our planet’s history at Sea Monster Cove!

Crossover Kenya’s Harleen Jabbal asked Steve a few questions:

HJ: What gave you the idea to start the Adopt-an-Author teen reading program?

SA: Back in 1997 when  my first novel, MEG was published I began receiving hundreds of email from teens telling me they hated to read but loved reading MEG. Then teachers began emailing me informing me they were using the novel as part of their curriculum with amazing results. When the Young Adult Library Association named MEG atop their list of books for reluctant readers I knew I had to get involved. In 1999 I founded Adopt-an-Author, a non-profit reading program for grades 8-12 that provides teachers with free curriculum materials, projects, plus students can email me and I always email them back, and when the unit is done we can set up a live Q & A by phone or now Zoom or Skype and it’s all free. Now we offer enhanced books with lots of visuals in the library at

HJ: What fascinates you about the sea and its species?

SA: Diversity, species with nasty teeth, and that all have a place in the ocean’s health.

HJ:  Have you ever had any experience close to what you have shown us on the big screen before going to celluloid?

SA: That’s why we created  Here, take a look:  (fan cage sharks)  (Fan cage mosasaur)

HJ: During this Covid-19 how have you managed to stay motivated and what do you  think will happen to the movie making business?

SA: I think venues like will replace crowded theaters and schools.