Mahambi Market, Online Thrift Store, Launches in Kenya

Yasmin & Hali Oduor, Mahambi Market Vendors

Mahambi Market, an online peer to peer thrift marketplace to help Kenyan youth take their businesses online.

  • Mahambi Market seeks to promote a waste-free, reuse, reduce and recycle culture in fashion.
  • Launched on 5th September 2020 to help users sell their thrift attire online.
  • Allows young individuals to create income during the current crisis.

Mahambi is an online peer to peer thrift marketplace where Kenyans can open ‘digital shops’ in minutes and sell their clothing items from anywhere, anytime. Launched in Kenya on 5th September 2020. Mahambi Market seeks to promote a waste-free, reuse, reduce and recycle culture in fashion by providing a platform for one to sell their least-worn clothing items.

For this generation of bedroom entrepreneurs, social apps and platforms are not a choice, but simply the basis and source of all their online engagement. Mahambi Market seeks to open up a platform that taps on the need for online engagement and the sense of trust and security that this generation receives from referral and or recommendation from their peers.

The platform came at the right time as the world is also moving digitally and Kenyans are now embracing online shopping. There has been an upsurge of e-commerce users as the majority of Kenyans decided to buy most of their needs online. Mahambi Market also gives a platform for thrift sellers to move digital with a trusted website for both buyer and seller. The website focuses on clothing items for both men and women which includes fashion accessories and select home décor products.

Sanjeev Jandu, Mahambi Market CEO says, “There are so many individuals out there with more clothes than they do wear and would love a space to creatively showcase this wardrobe and potentially sell these items, there is even a larger population eager to browse through and shop thrift items without the hassle of leaving their homes.”