How can I lose my Belly Fat in 10 days?

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How can I lose weight around my belly? What exercises burn the most belly fat? What are some of the tips and tricks to lose my stubborn belly fat?

We all want a flatter stomach and a well-toned body, I know. Who doesn’t, anyway? Since I am sure you do, I need to let you know a few things about it. I know you think supplements are the easy way out of all the excessive exercises and the super healthy food, but it’s not. Sorry I have to disappoint you. Instead, it can be harmful to your body, and I think that is quite obvious. You do not need it! Trust me, you don’t. You just need some hard work and dedication on exercises, but not random exercises. That is all. But now, what are you supposed to work hard at? Here are a few things you need to know in your journey towards burning the stubborn belly fat that is giving you sleepless nights.

Before you begin the journey, it is important to know that there are people out there having the metabolism of a Lamborghini, and you probably have that of a Tuk Tuk. My point is, you need to stop comparing your timeline to that of anyone else. Some people are just naturally motivated to work out while some need to develop it. If you fall within the latter category, just know you have no problem because we are all different and only need to stay focused on ourselves alone. Again, speaking of working out, it is not advisable to conduct unsupervised exercises straight from the internet or ones that you just think about and start doing. You may find yourself overdoing exercises that will in turn affect your body by increasing the wear and tear.

Do not crash-diet! Say goodbye to all the Keto and Intermittent Fasting. You are simply not allowed to do that. You cannot just expect to keep yourself hungry and starve for days unending to reduce belly fat or any kind of fat for that matter. Do not indulge into routines like skipping breakfast or any other meals to lose weight! You need to keep a constant healthy diet and maintain regular supervised exercise for you to even begin to expect any considerable positive change in your body. Additionally, blindly following diets, especially the trending ones have a greater risk of weakening your muscles due to the associated deficiencies. Again, herbal medicine that is trending may reduce the fat in your body but will never tone your muscles!

It is probably the last thing you’d like to read about, but this is an assurance that there is no shortcut to achieving the perfect body you are wishing for. You’ve got to work for it! But you have to work smart in that first, you need to respect the signs that your body exhibit so that you do not overdo exercises because that will get you to a hospital bed because of wear and tear of the muscles. Second, you need to get a baseline evaluation of how strong your muscles are and start exercises accordingly.

Lastly, walking or running every morning or evening is perfectly okay, go on with it. It is very good for your cardiac function and will exponentially increase your resilience. However, it only becomes best when combined with other exercises for the achievement of optimal results. Remember, there is no shortcut! To burn your belly fat, you need a physiotherapist’s guidance on the appropriate belly exercises that will work out perfectly for you considering your baseline evaluation. How about that?

Dr. Hiral Maru- M.P. Shah Hospital

*This article has been written by Dr. Hiral Maru- Physiotherapist at M.P. Shah hospital. The views and opinions expressed are entirely the authors.